Here are some photos of aerogels, NASA's KC-135A, the equipment we use, and our team members.

If you're looking for pictures of aerogels, check out the aerogel image gallery on, the world's most comprehensive collection of aerogel photos.

Aerogel Photos
Silica Aerogel (Courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
The Manuclave, Version Alpha (For Supercritical Drying)
Aerogel on a Penny
An Aerogel on a Disk
Aerogel Protecting Crayons from Flame (Courtesy NASA JPL)
Aerogel Protecting Matches from Flame (JPL)
Aerogel on a Hand, Looks Really 50's! (JPL)
Stardust Collector (JPL)
Micrometeor Lodged in Piece of Aerogel (JPL)
Aerogel Chunk on Space Shuttle Tile (JPL)
Aerogel Holding a Brick (JPL)
A Giant Block of Aerogel (JPL)
Laser Through Aerogel on a Card (Courtesy AirGlass)
Aerogel Protecting a Hand from a Flame (LBL)

Team and NASA Photos

KC-135A (The Vomit Comet) Ascending
KC-135A In the Hangar at Ellington Field (2001)
Stevie in Zero-Gravity (2002)
Stevie in Zero-Gravity Hanging off of Zero-G Mini-Lab (2002)
Chad, Stevie, and Luke by the Zero-G Mini-Lab (2002)
Zero-G Aerogel Team 2003 at Ellington Field
Emily Prewett With Zero-G Containment Box (2003)
Dave Meister and Chris Wessing (Blond Hair and Red Hair, Bottom Row) After Making Silica Alcogels on Their Zero-G Flight (2003)
Emily Prewett Modelling a Zero-G Alcogel Mold (2003)
Zero-G Aerogel Team 2004 in Front of the Vomit Comet at Ellington Field
Emily Doing Pushups with Tim on Her Back (2004)
Out the Window of the Vomit Comet During Ascent into a Parabola (2004)
Emily Operating Vessels Filled with Supercritical Fluid to Make Aerogels in One-Step (2004)
Stevie on the Ceiling in Zero-G While Emily is Hard at Work (2004)
Stevie Holding an Aerogel Next to Manuclave Version Beta (2004)

A Very Clear Silica Aerogel (That's the team captain behind it)

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