Below are videos about zero-g aerogel production. They are compressed for high bandwidth (like a cable modem) and can be viewed with RealPlayer 5.0 or higher, available free at

Like it or not, here they are.  Broadcast May 8, 2002.  Join National Geographic Today as they explore the wonderful world of weightlessness on NASA's KC-135A Reduced Gravity Laboratory and follow an exciting experiment researching aerogel in zero-gravity.

National Geographic Channel Segment Part 1
Length: 6 minutes 07 seconds
Summary: All about aerogel, how it's made, why it's blue, and making it clear in zero-gravity.

National Geographic Channel Segment Part 2
Length: 7 minutes 42 seconds
Summary: Experiencing zero-gravity on NASA's KC-135A and zero-g aerogel production in action.

Here are some of our home movies about zero-g aerogel production.

Zero-Gravity Flight 2001
Length: 5 minutes 14 seconds
Summary: Zero-gravity on NASA's KC-135A, fun with physics, and the songs "Defying Gravity" by Vinnie Moore and "Crushing Day" by Joe Satriani.

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