Aerogel Samples

Now that you've read so much about it, I bet you want your own piece of aerogel.  Well now's your chance! 

The UW Zero-G Aerogel Team sold silica aerogel samples (discs 2.5 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick) for USD$25 for many years to support our project. The team isn't selling aerogel samples any more but you can get basically the same thing for about the same price at also sells aerogel granules, blankets, and a number of other aerogel materials as well. Plus they're easier to get a hold of.

Make Your Own Aerogel has a comprehensive guide on how to make aerogels of your very own, including how to build a supercritical dryer! Check out the Make section on for more information and see how you can get involved in nanotechnology by learning how to make the world's lowest-density solid materials!


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  • Aerogels: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • A Los Alamos National Laboratory Aerogel Page
  • NASA Stardust Probe 
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  • Producción de los Aerogeles en Español

  • School Visits

    As part of our outreach efforts, the team presented at several schools in Wisconsin.  In 2004 we presented at:

    • Nicolet High School, Glendale, WI
    • Madison Memorial High School, Madison, WI
    and hosted an activity day at the University of Wisconsin with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of Madison, WI.

    If you're interested in materials for schools, check out or feel free to send us an email with questions.

    Cool Posters

    Poster #1   About Aerogel and its Properties (PowerPoint 97) 
    Poster #2   How to Make an Aerogel (PowerPoint 97)

    Cool Videos

    National Geographic TODAY:  Zero-G Aerogel
    Home Video from 2001
    TechTV (coming this July network got cancelled, and unfortunately so did the program!)

    Feel free to email us with any questions. 
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